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For the love of AMAW

In the last year I have put myself to task! I created a graduate program of my very own by trying out a variety of acting classes across NYC. Master classes at HB, Terry Knickerbocker and AMAW each different, each special, each taught me something.

At HB I learned to speak up. My experience left me with a sour taste and I was able to advocate for myself. I will go back in the future to see a different teacher.

Terry Knickerbocker is a powerhouse. He is detailed, articulate, specific and unrelenting in his search for perfection. I loved learning from him. If I had 2 free years, I would absolutely go back and take his two year program.

In AMAW I found my new home. They begin everyone with the same 6 week course. Brand new actors, seasoned pros....we all begin together. It thrusts you right up against your ego. For me, I was able to remember why I began this adventure. The art, the emotion, to joy of creation I was able to experience thru my fellow classmates eyes was nothing short of career changing. At the end of the six weeks we are placed into our continuing level.

I feel so very much more grounded as a performer. I feel more prepared to audition. I feel more free to stop being perfect.

I'm imperfect and I love it. I was accepted into AMAW Master Class with Sarah Baskins and I cannot wait to begin in January!

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