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The Cat Callers

On a breezy day in November I finally made "The Cat Callers!" This was the first film I wrote, directed, produced, and stared time I think I'll get some help :) It was the single most thrilling experience of my last few years to see my work come alive at the hands of such talent actors and cinematographer. I'm forever indebted to their visions and hard work! The film has gone on to premier in festivals around NYC, have 1000s of viewers on multiple web platforms, and delight almost everyone who's seen it!

The film came about upon my move to NYC. I received so many catcalls in this city that I decided to do something with them. I feel like I took back the power by writing this satire film. Of course it's a funny story but underneath we see the social commentary. Women are not objects for you to sexualize.

I hope my film first makes you laugh out loud and leaves you thinking about social change!

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